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Little Hero is THE arcade game right now. The creators of free action games
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1 May 2008

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For the entertainment of public at large there are various types of mediums available in the current scenario which ranges from art galleries to movie halls to arcade games. There is something for person of different choices, person of different ages as well as person of different genders. For kids arcade games are the best thing that has ever happened for kids in the public places. This operated by inserting of coins entertainment machine is very popular among kids of every age. It contains various games and most of them are pinball machines, video games, redemption games, electro-mechanical games and so on. Currently the most in-demand arcade game is Little Hero 2.0.

This is a free action game which can be easily downloaded and installed. The user interface even though not very rich graphically but still good as compared to the fact that it is offered for free. Basically, like its user interface the game is also very simple with only three commands to use to complete the mission. Even though it looks absolutely uncomplicated and very easy because of the controls but the fights with the monsters makes this game interesting and worth playing. This very basic game is completely action oriented. The protagonist is a little Ninja who uses his sword to eliminate his enemies and on the way as a Ninja he performs various stunts and moves. The enemies of this little Shaolin Ninja are witches, vampires, spooky enemies and surprisingly Frankensteins also. So definitely to destroy them the player has to use some finger power.

This action game Little Hero 2.0 is entertaining as well as very addictive. The controls are easy but completion of task is definitely not easy, the player must invest some finger power to decapitate the enemies. It is a perfect blend of everything that makes up for a good and entertaining game for free thus 4,5 star for this.

Publisher's description

Little Hero is THE arcade game right now. The creators of free action games did their best to squeeze out the most out of this free action game.
There are three commands you have to use, but the simplicity of the game made it even more interesting. Why? Because you will have much more time for fighting those creepy monsters, not having to deal with thousands of complicated controllers. It is all about action. You are a Little ninja using his sword to decapitate different enemies along the way. Jump, turn, attack from air, ... and much more.
It is simply amazing to be able to download this kind of product for free.
Little Hero
Little Hero
Version 2.0
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